Texas Holdem Poker Lessons. Poker Etiquette

You do not have to be a professional to act like one. In this Texas Holdem Lesson, you will read about correct gaming table etiquette. Whether you play at home, online or in a traditional casino, you must observe good conduct.

Table Manners

1. Make sure you know the rules of the game before you join. 2. Don't curse or trash talk. Be quiet. 3. Don't smoke if it's not allowed. 4. Don't speak in a foreign language that the other players don't understand. This prevents connivance with another player. 5. Don't trash cards or chips around. Treat the table with respect. 6. Be respectful though you don't have to be too friendly.

Online Etiquette

1. Play only when your internet connection is good. 2. Don't abuse the chat box. It's okay to try to get someone's goat on occasion but not too much. 3. Don't max out your time limit in every turn. 4. In free poker online, don't buy into a table where you'd have a billion times more chips than the rest. You must be experienced to have gotten so many chips. Try picking on players closer to you in size. 5. Don't sit out for too long. Just leave.

Cards & Chips

1. Never show cards that you have folded. It's unfair to someone who may be bluffing those cards you folded with. 2. Don't "splash" the pot. That is, don't throw your chips in the center of the table. Put them in front of you. The dealer will take them. 3. Don't "string" your bets. If you raise, do so in one gesture. 4. Don't play favorites. If you want to show your winning hand to a pretty lady or cute guy beside you, show it to everyone else too. 5. Don't remove your cards from the table. Place a chip on top of them to secure them. 6. Don't pick up cards from the muck to look at them.

Game Etiquette

1. Wait for your turn to act. Playing before your turn can give undue advantage to some players. 2. Don't stall the game by design. 3. Never fold when you can check. 4. Don't talk when you're out of the game. Just watch. Any talk can influence other players or give them info. 5. Don't talk about what your cards were during a round. 6. NEVER try to coach or influence other players. 7. Don't be too quick to say you won. Let the dealer decide. 8. Don't muck your hand if you think you lost. Wait for the dealer. 9. When you win, don't gloat. Some players (amateurs) love to chat about how they are going to spend the money they just won. This is not only unethical, it also makes other players hate you. When the tide turns, they may target you on purpose to break you down. 10. When you lose, don't whine. It turns people off, and some can see you're on tilt and take advantage. If you can't take a loss like a mature adult, poker isn't for you.

If everyone follows the rules of poker etiquette, the game flows smoothly. Players earn mutual respect and play is more enjoyable. Holdem is challenging enough as it is; don't make it harder for all by being a lout.

This concludes the Texas Holdem Poker Lesson on etiquette.